How Apple’s App of the Day Feature Boosted Our Downloads by 700%

At SignEasy, we pride ourselves in building world-class mobile products. With a 4.8 rating on the App Store made up of over 42,000 reviews, our users reward this effort everyday. And it’s not just them – we’ve been fortunate to receive immense love from Apple over the years as well. We’ve been included in the iPad commercial in 2015, the Touch ID commercial in 2016, are pre-installed in demo devices in Apple stores across the world, and have been featured on a number of occasions on the App Store over the years. We are truly humbled.

Come September 2017 – the App Store was revamped along with the launch of iOS 11. Apple introduced a completely new style of discovering apps by launching a ‘Today’ tab, that showcases an App of the Day, a Game of the Day, and a collection of curated apps and games in the form of a story. The idea was to make the App Store more engaging and allow users to discover new apps more easily. And so it did! Early reports indicated that an ‘App of the Day’ featuring was boosting downloads by as much as 1747% for apps. We couldn’t wait for SignEasy to be featured, and to see the impact for ourselves.

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