About Me

Hi! I’m Apoorva. After graduating from college in 2013 with an engineering degree, I headed to Singapore for my graduate studies and to continue my quest for a deeper knowledge of computer science. Post that, I worked on my own startup (albeit one that sadly never launched) with a group of people from all over the world that I’d never met and taught myself Android development in the process. Wielding my new-found passion and skill, I moved to  Bangalore to join a startup (SignEasy) that I truly believed in from Day 1 and have since climbed the metaphorical rungs to end up as a Product Manager and in the leadership team of this amazing company.

When I’m not at work (or sometimes even when I am), you’d find my nose deep inside a book or my kindle, reading about Business, Psychology, Entrepreneurship or Biographies – you can find a whole list of what I’ve read in the Books section. I’m also a budding photographer, still learning the tools of the trade.  My parents ingrained a passion for sports in me at a very young age (I was 8) when they put me into Lawn Tennis coaching classes, and I’ve played any sport I could get my hands on ever since.

Thanks a lot for reading my blog! Please feel free to reach out to me directly at apoorva dot tyagi 91 at gmail dot com to discuss anything related to Products, Books or anything else.